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New seating and tables create flexibility


We recently received a gift of 70 padded chairs and 9 tables from a local congregation that needed to close.  We, in turn, donated 12 of our pews to a growing congregation in Dunkirk, NY.

These new tables and chairs will greatly enhance our ability to use our meeting space in pan_tablesa multitude of ways we never could before.  We will also be able to re-imagine our worship settings more creatively and transform the space for special events quickly.

We thank God for this provision and for a new home for our pews.

Meet our pastor

Pastor Jim has been married for over thirty years to his wife, Anna.  They have three children and four grandchildren.  Jim, Anna, and their youngest son, Zachary, spent two years serving with Eastern Mennonite Missions as country representatives to Ethiopia before coming to the Ark in 2010.  He has been pastoring since 1992 and has planted churches both here in the U.S.and in Ethiopia.

The Fall sermon series will explore the foundational beliefs that sparked the Radical Reformation in Europe during the 16th Century and led to a restoration of the Believer’s Church.

Romans 12:1 & 2 provide the framework for these amazing and transforming pillars of true discipleship.  Please listen in as we journey together with the men and women that discovered the meaning of Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.

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Vision and Values

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Vision and Values: In View of God's Mercy

Vision and Values, preached by Pastor Jim Ralph on September 18, 2016

Vision and Values: Introduction

Vision and Values, preached by Pastor Jim Ralph on September 11, 2016